Leonor Greyl

Mousse au Lotus Voluminatrice

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The combination of oils and vegetal extracts such as Lotus, known for its stimulating properties, improves styling while providing shine, volume and hold to thin hair.

Alcohol-free, it does not dry out the hair and protects its color from the drying effect of blow dryers and sunrays.

Can be applied on damp or dry hair everyday if necessary.

Pour tous les types de cheveux
  • How to use
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Shake the bottle, tip slightly and release mousse in your hand. Mousse will build slowly. Apply to damp hair before blow-drying. 
 Can also be used to provide hold to curly hair.
Do not rinse.
Lotus: protective and stimulating properties
 Natural sunscreen filter
Alcohol free

 Silicon free, coal tar free, paraben free and sodium laureth sulfate free.
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