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Condition Naturelle

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Blow-drying has a highly damaging effect on unprotected hair.

Yet styling thin and limp hair or straightening curly or frizzy hair requires the use of a blow dryer – but this should always be done while minimizing the risk to your hair.

Such was the purpose of creating Condition naturelle: applied after shampooing on the length and ends, this product detangles and protects your hair from damage induced by blow-drying thanks to film-forming plant proteins.

Your hair looks more attractive, full of shine and volume, ready for any hairstyle.

The same result for very dry, thick or frizzy hair can be achieved using Lait Luminescence.

Pour les cheveux fins
  • How to use
  • Ingrédients
Spray on length and ends, comb through and blow dry. 
For a thick or frizzy hair, rather use Lait Luminescence. 
Do not rinse.
Seaweed extracts: detangle and soften
 Film-forming proteins: protect the hair from blow-drying
 Collagen: gives shine, nourishes and protects

 Silicon free, coal tar free, paraben free and sodium laureth sulfate free.
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